Store Policies

Thank you for choosing our store! We specialize in hard-to-find DVDs, videos, and Blu-ray discs that other video stores and online rental vendors might not carry. We have an extensive collection of classics, arthouse favorites, indie directors, horror, cult, gay & lesbian, television shows, documentaries, music videos, and much, much more!

Rental Prices:

New Release DVD & Blu-Ray: $4.00 for 3 days

Regular DVD & Blu-Ray: $3.00 for 3 days

DVD Boxed Sets: $5.00 for 5 days

VHS Titles: $2.00 for 3 days

Late Fees:

New Release DVD & Blu-Ray: $1.50 per day

Regular DVD, Blu-Ray & VHS: $1.00 per day

DVD Boxed Sets: $1.00 per day

All materials are due by 10:00pm. Due dates and times are printed on your rental receipt.

To Rent:
If this is your first time here, you need to fill out a membership form. We require a valid photo I.D. (state identification or passport) and a current credit or debit card to start an account.

After you get your account set up, use your I.D. as your rental card. This simple step protects both your identity and your information. All you need to do is find the item you want (there is a reference computer at the kiosk by the drop slot to help you find things, or ask any of the staff for assistance) and bring it up to the counter.

You can have six movies out at any time.

You may run into a movie with a sticker on it, labeled “Out of Print” – These are difficult or impossible to replace, so we require you to rent and return 12 items before checking them out.

Our in-store hours are posted in the footer of this website.

Returning Your Items:
If the store is open, use the drop slot by the front counter. If the store is closed, an outside drop slot is located 15 feet to the right of the front door. Please do not leave rental items on the front counter as they could be misplaced.

We have several rental return dropboxes located throughout the Portland area for your convenience. Your items can be returned here instead of the store.

Dropbox map 2020 UPDATE.jpg

All materials are due back by 10:00pm.

If they are returned to any of our outside dropboxes after we close on the due date, they will be considered late.

Other Information:
If you have accrued $10.00 or more in past late fees, a reminder notice will be sent to you (even if you currently do not have any of our inventory checked out on your account). If we do not receive a response from you within 15 days from the date of the letter, your credit or debit card will be charged for the past due late fees. If you receive a reminder notice, please contact us so that we can work with you regarding that.

If you have not returned our product within 20 days from the due date, your credit or debit card will be charged for the cost of replacement and any late fees accumulated up to that point (unless you have made prior arrangements with us). If funds from your credit or debit account are insufficient to cover the late fees or replacement costs, or if your card comes up declined, you will be turned over to our collection agency, Advantage Collections of Portland Oregon.

If you have accidentally lost or damaged a movie or if you receive a reminder notice regarding overdue movies or past due late fees, please contact our past due accounts office right away at 503-234-1381 so that we can work together with you to resolve the matter.