Movie Madness Membership

Give your rental account a boost and become a card-carrying Movie Madness Member!

With its dynamic archive of over 90,000 titles, a myriad of movie memorabilia, and our state-of-the-art Miniplex screening room, Movie Madness lives on as an essential resource for film lovers.

Our membership program gets you free movie rentals, free popcorn at the Hollywood Theatre, discounts on MMU tuition and more! Better yet - each membership allows benefits for up to two people, so you can pass on great Movie Madness perks to a loved one or friend.

MM Membership card Maniac 2023 reized.png

Maniac membership includes:

  • Rent one, get one free at Movie Madness
    (maximum one free rental per day)*
MM Membership card VIP 2023 rezied.png

VIP membership includes:

  • Three free rentals at Movie Madness per day
    (no additional purchase required)*

Both levels include:

  • 4 Hollywood Theatre guest passes
  • 10% discount on Movie Madness and Hollywood Theatre branded merch
  • Discounts on Movie Madness University tuition
  • Member-exclusive access to free archive of past MMU Online courses
  • Special pricing for Movie Madness Miniplex private rentals**
  • Free admission for two to monthly member screenings at the Hollywood Theatre
  • Discounted admission for two to most regularly-scheduled film programming at the Hollywood***
  • Exclusive pre-sale access to tickets for 70mm screenings and other special events
  • Free popcorn at the Hollywood
  • Two personalized membership cards


*Movie Madness rental deal terms: must present valid Movie Madness Maniac or VIP membership card at checkout; late fees apply; renewals by phone prohibited. For Maniacs, limited to one free membership rental per member card/per day.
**Reservation subject to availability
***May exclude certain special events, 70mm screenings, fundraisers, and community rentals. Standard discount for Movie Madness VIP members is $3 off general admission and $1 off matinee.

Questions? Reach out to or call (503) 281-1142.

Sign up for monthly giving and be recognized as a Sprocket Patron!

Like the sprockets that advance film through a movie projector, your monthly gifts provide steady and reliable support for Movie Madness and the Hollywood Theatre.

Automatic monthly giving is perfect for Movie Madness fans who want to support our mission but can’t get to the store regularly. It’s also great for folks who live outside Portland, or even for current members who want to boost their giving each month.

When you join, we’ll send you a custom enamel pin with our gratitude, and recognize you OnScreen at the Hollywood Theatre.

Monthly giving is an easy and fully tax-deductible way to help safeguard our archive of over 80,000 titles—just set it and forget it! Your automatic monthly gift will grow in impact over time - even just a little can go a long way. Thanks so much for your support!

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How does monthly giving work?
Our automatic monthly billing system will charge you each month based on your initial signup date. For example, if your sign up date was June 2, you will be charged on the 2nd of each month going forward. Best of all, monthly giving is completely flexible. You can update or even cancel your gift at any time.

Can I change the day my monthly gift is charged? How about the amount?
If you’d like to update your monthly gift, including your giving amount, the day of the month you are charged, or to pause or cancel your gift, contact with your request.

I am a current Hollywood Theatre/Movie Madness member. Can I also set up an automatic monthly giving plan?
Yes! We deeply appreciate your support. Just follow the process linked above to set up your additional monthly gift - no special steps required.