Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) - JAMES CAGNEY’S TAP SHOES

James Cagney’s Tap Shoes

These custom made tap shoes were worn by James Cagney when he sings and dances to the “You’re a Grand Old Flag” musical number. This remarkable and iconic slice of film history originated from James Cagney’s estate, and was previously sold at a Profiles in History auction in 1996 along with a number of his other personal treasures. Although he was a respected and admired force in the film industry from the beginning of his career until the very end, Cagney was not the typical sort of screen character which the Academy members tended to honor. Hence, it follows that his one and only Oscar win for Best Actor would be for this thoroughly patriotic biopic of the great stage entertainer George M. Cohan, in which Cagney literally danced his heels off, and in these very shoes to boot.

Movie Madness Purchased these wonderful tap shoes from the December 2010 Profiles in History Auction.

James Cagney “dancing his heels off” as George M. Cohan in scenes from YANKEE DOODLE DANDY.