Some Like It Hot (1959) - TONY CURTIS HAT

Tony Curtis Hat

This is the original hat worn by Tony Curtis (in drag as Josephine) throughout the last several scenes from this classic Billy Wilder comedy. SOME LIKE IT HOT was nominated for 6 Academy Awards including Best Actor (Jack Lemmon), Best Director and Best Screenplay (Billy Wilder). The film took home an Oscar for Best Costume Design (Orry-Kelly).

The make-up artist for SOME LIKE IT HOT (Emile LaVigne) purchased the hat from the costume department at Paramount Studios and upon his death in 1990, gave the hat to his son. In 1998 his son put the hat up for auction through Profiles in History, where it was purchased by Movie Madness.

Tony Curtis (wearing the hat), alongside co-star Jack Lemmon, in a memorable scene from SOME LIKE IT HOT.