Bonnie & Clyde (1967) - FAYE DUNAWAY’S DRESS

Faye Dunaway’s Dress

Designed by Theodora Van Runkle. This beige see-through dress was one of the most sensational dresses to ever hit the screen up to this time; it completely changed the way audiences and costume designers came to accept on-screen fashions. This film was Theodora Van Runkle’s first major work. Ms. Dunaway wore this dress through the first few scenes of the movie. BONNIE AND CLYDE was nominated for 10 Academy Awards (including Theodora Van Runkle for Best Costume Design) and ended up winning the awards for Best Supporting Actress (Estelle Parsons) and Best Cinematography.

This sensational dress was purchased by Movie Madness from the December 2000 Profiles in History auction.

Faye Dunaway wearing the dress, alongside co-star Warren Beatty, in the opening scenes of BONNIE AND CLYDE.