Kasey Rogers - Actress

Ms. Rogers appeared in many classic films and television shows, including the 1951 Alfred Hitchcock classic STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. In the film she played Farley Granger's evil wife Miriam Haines who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. In 2001 Ms. Rogers was asked to participate in the DVD commentary track, celebrating the 50th anniversary of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. Shortly after the scene where she is strangled by Robert Walker (Bruno), Ms. Rogers said the following about Mike Clark's Movie Madness:

"Michael Clark has a video store in Portland Oregon. In fact, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce voted his store as one of the best video stores in the world, which is a great compliment. A while back, Michael started a collection of movie memorabilia. For example; he has the knife from PSYCHO, which was used in the shower scene with Janet Leigh and he has my glasses - the ones I wore in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN - the one pair that I had kept for all of these years. Michael had asked me if he could have the glasses so he could display them at his store. At any rate - he has my glasses and had them completely restored. The name of his store is Movie Madness Video and More and it's nice to know that my glasses are on display at his wonderful video store. He went ahead and had the glasses, along with a picture of me wearing them from the movie, all mounted nicely - right next to the knife from PSYCHO."

Please note: these glasses that Kasey wore in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN are considered to be one of the most famous glasses in movie history; as they played a key scene in this brilliant classic.

- Kasey Rogers (aka: Laura Elliott) - Actress (Alfred Hitchcock's STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, BEWITCHED (The TV Series), PEYTON PLACE (The TV Series) and more...)

Margaret O'Brien - Actress

Ms. O'Brien has been to Movie Madness many times over the years. She has had two autograph signings at Movie Madness as well. Ms. O'Brien loves Movie Madness and had this to say on behalf of the store:

"I was fascinated by this store the first time I saw it in 1998. I could not believe the amount of titles Movie Madness carries - titles I never knew even existed were there. I'll tell you this - I could spend hours searching through this incredible and wonderful collection of video and DVD titles and never get bored. Also - this store has an amazing museum of costumes and props from some of the greatest films ever made. In fact - they have one of my dresses from JANE EYRE and another dress that I wore when I placed my hands and feet in cement at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in August of 1946. Seeing both of those dresses on display sure brings back some fond memories to me. When Michael created the expansion for Movie Madness, it took on a theatrical look. I am very impressed by the new look of Movie Madness. More room, more movies and so much more to see. What an accomplishment Michael has made. He has created a store which is unlike any other video store in the world. What can I say - I love Movie Madness."

- Margaret O'Brien - Academy Award Winning Actress (MEET ME IN ST.LOUIS, LITTLE WOMEN, THE CANTERVILLE GHOST, JANE EYRE, and much more...)